When Women Come Together, Great Things Happen

In the last few months, I found myself in both physical and virtual spaces which I shared with incredible Progressive women – the energy, spirit and enlightenment, I can’t fully describe it. The insights and learning from these incredible women have been absolutely invaluable.

I met progressive women who are going into politics at the grassroots to gain experience, establish legitimacy, and affect positive change within their community and beyond.

I came across women who are actively participating in student politics and activism.

I met women who ran for public office and garnered massive votes.

I know women who are using their platforms to educate, inspire and challenge other women across the country.

I’ve shared space with incredible Progressive women who thrived in the face of socio-economic and cultural barriers, and are actively paving the path for more women who aspire to break through these barriers.

I met women who in their various fields are making remarkable contributions to the stability, progress, and long-term development of our nation.

One of the heartening parts for me, has been the outpouring of support, I have received from these incredible women. It has made me discover that behind every successful woman, there are amazing successful women who are supportive.

Today, the old thinking and systems that made us believe women have to compete with each other is changing. This change and transformation is important because the truth is, raising each other up and channelling the power of connecting, communication and collaboration is truly how we can change our future.

The understanding that the women we work with, and women who cross our paths are our journey partners and allies is really powerful.

Whilst any and all support is very important, there is a special understanding that women share, connect around common experiences and values – making it vital for us to advocate and champion each other.

I am particularly delighted for the National Progressive Women Conference. Women coming together and supporting each other, joining hands in solving the nation’s myriad problems, is a reminder that each woman is valued, brings unique contributions and makes our unified voice stronger!

I am excited for all that’s ahead – the impact the National Progressive Women Conference will deliver for women in the All Progressives Congress (APC). The platform and voice it would give to women whose experiences go unnoticed and words go unheard.

The APC-led administration is truly remarkable in bringing women issues into the mainstream of our national agenda.

Currently, our womenfolk are highly mobilised to ensure that issues dear to us receive top priority attention.

President Muhammadu Buhari continues to champion the advancement of Nigerian women both home and abroad.

But there is still so much work that needs to be done in order to achieve adequate representation of women in politics and decision-making across all spectrum of our socio-economic and political sphere.

However, I have so much hope for the future, because Progressive women are coming together to speak with one voice, network and build stronger support mechanism for one another.

Grateful for the women who inspire us everyday, and the men championing us!

Theresa Tekenah – Member, Media & Publlicity Committee, APC National Progressive Women Conference

Founder & Publisher – Tekenah.com
Twitter/Instagram @theresatekenah

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