#NoWaterInEnugu: Residents Lament Water Scarcity in Enugu

Residents in Enugu, have taken to social media to lament the scorching water scarcity they have been experiencing over the years, and the inability of the state government to solving the problem.

The hashtag #NoWaterInEnugu, is currently topping the trends on Twitter NG.

Twitter user @Oyibo_ugbo wrote: “I stayed few weeks in Abakpa, Trans Ekulu, Achala layout and that was when I truly understand what people meant when they say #NoWaterInEnugu Government of Enugu @Coal_City State should do something about this.”

@iam_mhyke wrote: “Yesterday, was about to get water from the tank and realised it’s finished already… My heart skipped a beat.
For how long do we continue like this in Enugu? Is it that the Enugu state government are oblivious to this plight the citizens are facing?”

@chief_vera: “NoWaterInEnugu is on the trend table. Perhaps this might get his attention. Enugu is in your hands not in God’s. We are thirsty and need to properly shower. Not rub and shine kinda ‘baffing’”

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