Imo: The Only Truth That Heals

Recent events in Imo State should raise some posers to the minds of everyone. By every ramification, Imo people are peace-loving and hardworking. The people are also not known for any form of violent extremism.

Suddenly, the peace of the state was just broken in one fell swoop. It is good to know where the rain began beating us, and why we have sunk so deeply into the murky pool of violence. The new sites of violence now are security formations most of which are basically manned by Ndi-Igbo themselves. In this orgy of violence, our people are exterminated, and scores rendered fatherless and even homeless.

Now, whenever any act of violence is perpetrated, the economy suffers as business premises around the areas also receive the bite of insecurity.
Out of desperation, some seen and unseen forces in the state are trumping up conspiracy theories aimed at denigrating the government of the state.

These forces cook up narratives that deconstruct the many notable efforts of the government of Imo State at nipping insecurity in the bud. To be sure, the state has done a lot in the area of security. It has donated over two hundred security vehicles, well fitted with communication gadgets to security agencies in the state. Security personnel have also been placed on red alert to forestall any potential breakdown of order.

Recently, the Imo Security Organisation was launched to combat insecurity. A security summit involving traditional rulers and presidents-general of all the communities in Imo was recently convened, all in a bid to revamp community policing in the state. The governor has also been in touch with the people in making them embrace patriotism at a critical time such as this.

Noteworthy also is the town hall meetings which the government is currently holding with each of the twenty seven LGAs of Imo State.
Essentially, the government has as its primary duty to secure lives and properties at all cost. But this implies that the citizens have a noble role to play in complimenting the efforts of the state. The citizens for instance should not harbour elements with questionable character or suffer their excesses. The role of providing actionable intelligence to security agencies also falls within the ambit of what citizens should do.

Now, when acts of violence are carried out amid cheers from the citizenry, whose interest does it serve? When stray bullets hit the innocents going about their activities, is there anything celebratory about it? Now, is it not ironic and self-defeatist that we celebrate what will haunt us?
The unfortunate manner the opposition and their goons are blowing the insecurity in Imo out of proportion is condemnable. An insecure state portends danger for everyone. In saner climes, opposition does not celebrate insecurity.

Dangerous times, rather, present occasions when ranks are closed to save the state or polity. The greatest danger that limits mankind is fear of the unknown. When people live in fear, it comes with a crushing psychological and economic blow. This is what the opposition in Imo does not yet realize.

The manner of
demonizing the state Chief Executive at their whims is disrespectful and only smacks of a hidden agenda which time will tell in its eternal predictability.
Constructive criticisms are a part of the beauty of democracy. In Imo, unfortunately, criticisms are now hatched and thrown with abusive epithets. Such manner of criticism only portrays the bile and wile of opposition. Pulling the triggers of criticism could edify if the critic suggests practical solutions or alternatives. The period we are is no time for the opposition in Imo to gloat. It will be absolutely insensitive of them. It is also no time to deploy the levers of the social media network to spread ill-founded stories and sarcastic narratives that breed hate and divisiveness.

Sen Hope Uzodinma as Chief Executive of Imo State has been working round the clock to ensure that the Imo of our dreams are realized. We must, yes we must, join forces with him. A lot of infrastructural projects have been carried out by him in just less than eighteen months.

Remarkable in these multi-sectoral projects is their high quality and durability. There are other administrative efforts at restoring sanity in the running of state affairs especially with the sustenance of panels of inquiry. For instance, the white paper on land acquisitions emanating after an exhaustive sitting of a panel only shows a government that is ready to right the wrongs of the past, as well as build sustainable institutional framework. The vehement fight a section of opposition has been giving to the actualization of this whitepaper is already a study in mundane desperation and conspiracy.

Sen Hope Uzodinma is governor today; tomorrow another may come after him, yet Imo remains. This is why we must not allow our state to be a test ground for anarchy. The death of a human according to John Donne is diminishing. No one should even feel excited about the death of another. As well, no one should engage in the macabre dance of blame-games when dastardly acts are committed.

We must unite against evil so that evil does not consume us.
What many may not know about Gov Hope Odidika Uzodinma is his high level of sagacity and practical intelligence. This is why he does not engage in wasting words when action is demanded. He is our leader and we do not have any choice than to support him.

And no one should pretend to love Imo State more than the governor’s. This is a leader that has declared in words and deed that he has not come to steal the patrimony of Imo State, and has gone ahead to encourage us to blow the alarm on any personal investment he has made with state funds committed to his charge.

The Senator Hope Uzodinma I know is not into crass acquisition of wealth. He is not into any real estate and foreign investments. Humanity has remained the centerpiece of his attention. So if such a person is already on the saddle of power, is it not instructive to give him a chance to prevail?

All in all, the truth that can heal at this critical time is more psychological than physical. It is the truth that you should give a hard thought and then imbibe so that it will heal your disconsolate mind. Imo is our own; we destroy it today at the peril of our children alive and unborn. That is the only truth that can rouse any hate-bearing mind and cudgel-wielding hand.

We have never been known for violence and no reason, no conspiracy, no narrative, no man, no principality and no politician should incite us to support the evil of violence.

Chief Sam Osuji (KSM) is the Special Adviser to Gov Hope Uzodinma on Agricultural Loans.

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