Concerned Bayelsans March For Justice Over Attempted Murder of 23-Year-Old Lady By Patience Jonathan’s Cousin, Oba


Concerned Bayelsans took to the Police Headquarters in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State on Thursday, to march for justice for Seigha Atia, who was hit with a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) damaging her left leg beyond treatment, by her Ex-lover, Victor Oba.

Oba, who is a relative of Dame Patience Jonathan, and Manager of the former first lady’s hotel, Aridolf Hotels and Spars, in the Bayelsa state capital was said to have hit his 23-year-old ex-lover with his SUV and left her for death.

He was later apprehended and taken to the Azikoro Police Station, but it was learnt that influential persons were mounting pressure on the police to release Oba and sweep the matter under the carpet through bargaining for settlement.

The Concerned Bayelsans insisted on ensuring justice for the victim whose leg has been amputated. They called on the police to charge the culprit to court, stating that no one is above the law.

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