Bayelsans Demand Stable Power Supply as #GiveBayelsaLight Trends on Social Media


Bayelsans on social media are calling on the government to provide stable power supply to the state capital and its environ.

With the hashtag #GiveBayelsaLight, they expressed displeasure over the epileptic electricity supply and other related issues by the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHEDC).

“I spend 10k paying for darkness monthly across my businesses and home,” Seiyefa Tonye lamented.

Marth Xbee said: “The light issue in my state is more than terrible, we can’t continue like this, with all the money and oil bayelsa state has, we have the worst light supply, we go weeks off in darkness. Give us light we can’t keep suffering for how long?”

“Bayelsa is the only state that is owned by the ijaws,yet the ijaws have looted the monies meant to develop the state. A state that should ordinarily look like Dubai still looks like the village it has always been. Its a shame and a pity, Bayelsa deserves more,” Samuel Ekiyor wrote.

“If @OfficialPHED can distribute pre paid meters in Rivers state, Bayelsa state with a smaller population, a smaller capital, and less industrialized should not go through the troubles experienced now, except ofcourse it is delibrate,” Ayebadanyo wrote.

Facebook user Zuokumor O. Francis asked, “OfficialPHED give us one valid reason Bayelsa State should not boast of 20 hours electricity?”

“It is either @OfficialPHED is shut down permanently,completely and sealed off till they are ready to do what is right which is to provide adequate power supply to the whole Bayelsa state. Because that’s d only way to get government attention. This war is On! #GiveBayelsaLight,” Warepamor Sammy wrote.

“Bayelsa State being one of the feeders of Nigeria with Crude Oil cannot boost of/for 12hrs electricity supply. People in the State mostly buy fuel for generators everyday,” Educated Crayfish Seller wrote.

They called on the Bayelsa State Governor, Douye Diri to light up the state to reduce insecurity and for the overall economic growth of the state.

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