Tekenah is a news site dedicated to providing the latest reporting, analysis about Nigerian politics, public policy and political culture.


Hi! I’m Theresa Tekenah, the founder and publisher of Tekenah. I am a broadcast journalism proffesional with a B.A in English.


I am passionate and enthusiastic about politics and constantly on the look out for the most interacting political stories on the internet, mainstream print and broadcast organisations.


My perception on politics is that it is the most engaging and vital aspect of human life, an opportunity to communicate, share ideas and better our communities and society.


Daily, I use my social media platforms to engage in conversions that add value to the debate of matters of national and international concern, to hear other perspectives, disseminate information, respectfully interact with people, and gauge responses to government initiatives.


Here’s my Facebook page @Tekenahdotcom

Here’s my Twitter handle @Theresatekenah

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